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Sell My House During Covid

Help I need to sell my mobile home! Well look no further, here at Healthy Homebuyers, we buy Mobile Homes, the healthy way. Our mission is simple, we keep you covid free, stress free, and fee free. 

Get Your No Obligation, All Cash Or Terms Offer, From A Trusted "Almond" Started Below!  

We Buy Mobile Home In Florida The Healthy Way

Sell Your Mobile Home in Florida To Us And Pay No Commission Fees, No Repair Fees, and all for 100% FREE. Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

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Healthy Homebuyers, is a no-nonsense "We Buy Mobile Homes" home buying company, that offers: both all cash or terms for mobile homes in Florida. If you need to sell your mobile home for cash, or have more time for a term purchase, then we're your gals, or should we say your "Almonds." No repairs, inspections, agents, fees, or commissions, EVER!

"Worried That You Won't Be Able to Sell Your Mobile Home During Covid-19?"

Worry no more because we are at your service! By being your mobile home buying experts, we've dedicated our days to helping you navigate through these challenging times.

When it comes to how we buy your mobile home, and who we work with to acquire it, we've covered all points. We have the right protocol in place to keep all of us covid free! From our inspectors to the title companies, we are all CDC compliant.

For instance, if anybody has to come to your mobile home for any reason, or you have to show up to the title company, you can trust that your health will not be compromised.

Selling your mobile home during this pandemic shouldn't be a health hazard, and to drive the point home, these are some of the things we have implemented within our company, for the benefit of us all:

  • Virtual Walk-Throughs
  • Socially Distanced Meetings
  • Sanitizing Procedures
  • Mask and Shields

"Trying To Sell Your Mobile Home, But Keep getting a Bag of coal instead of a bag of money?" 

We'll answer this question with a question! Did you know that stress is a toxin that can harm you? We were shocked when we found out too! That being said, as your trusted "Almonds," when we sign on to buy your mobile home, one of our missions is to keep you away from stress at all cost.

The stress of having to clean up, having to settle liens, or pay astronomical amounts to cities, that never helped you maintain your mobile home in the first place, and much more. We pride ourselves on being stress busters, sort of like ghost busters, but you get it lol!

In the end, selling your mobile home should never cause you to have a migraine! Some of the things we have implemented within our company to relieve stress for you are: 

  • Hire People To Clean For You
  • Help You Secure A New Place To Live
  • Contact City Municipals To Eradicate Hefty Liens
  • Keep You Updated Every Step Of The Way

"Are The Fees Associated With Selling Your Mobile Home Making You Cringe?"

Hearing the word "fee" makes just about anybody cringe, but we know the sale of a mobile home can bring on a double dose of the shivers! Yikes! 

The truth is, there are a lot of fees associated with the sale of a mobile home! Trust us we know! Fees, including but not limited to: taxes, closing fees, agent fees, broker fees, etc.

Not to mention the fact that, if you sell your mobile over a certain amount, you have to pay the IRS a boat load of taxes (we have a workaround for that! A legal workaround of course, just to let you know :)

You'll also probably have to pay her, him, they, and that! Who is her? The real estate agent you'll have to hire, if you don't go with us. Who is he? Her broker who you also have to pay a fee to. Who is they? Certainly, the IRS. And, who is that? Those pesky closing fees!

Well if you sell your property to us, all of those fees will be eradicated. Here's how:

  • We Pay Closing Fees
  • You Never Work With Agents to Buy Your House
  • A broker Is Never Involved 
  • And We Can Help Set Up Your 1031 Exchange, to help you Save on taxes
Sell my house without agent fees

"Before committing yourself to a 6 month contract with an agent, or horrifically paying thousands of dollars in closing, repairs, and miscellaneous fees, why not request an offer from us?" As your trusted "Almonds" we promise to give you the best offer. 100% FREE of charge, drama, or headaches.

Noushka Belizaire and Robyn Akal Buys Houses In Florida

Sell Your Mobile Home The Easy Way.

Selling a mobile home is unlike anything else you'll ever have to sell in your life. The process of selling and dealing with agents, attorneys, family, etc, is just the tip of the iceberg. Your need for selling can also be a burden.

We Buy Mobile Homes In Florida, The Easy Way

In other words, selling your mobile home to us in Florida is super easy. We really want to help, and by help we mean taking all of the guess work out of it, by doing all of the work for you!

We are Noushka and Robyn, and together we're determined to giving you the best offer for your mobile home, each and every time. Just fill in the form to get your offer started. Above all, our number one priority is to help you the stress free way. That being said, our offers are 100% FREE, and you will never be obligated to accept.

We Buy Mobile Homes in Florida 

Selling your mobile home does not have to be stressful, and if you sell it to us it won't be. We've proven ourselves time and time again, by jumping through all of the hoops for people just like you. People with a need to sell in Florida know we are the solution.

We Buy Houses Quick

We Buy Mobile Homes In Florida, No Matter What Hoops We Have to Jump Through!

This means, no matter what complications arise or have been looming around for a while, we will help. Our help has many different faces, including but not limited to: getting in contact with the necessary institutions to settle liens or get them reduced, hiring people to clean up anything you don't want, if needed helping you find a new residence, and much more! 

All while serving you headache busting almonds *wink, wink*.

In addition to single family houses, we buy mobile homes, apartments, and condominiums, all over Florida. No matter what your reason for selling is, we'll buy it:

  • Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Mold, Water, Termite Damage
  • Elderly in Need of Assisted Living 
  • Extensive Repairs Needed
  • Exchanging An Old House To Buy A New One
  • Selling Your House Without Listing It

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Fast In FL?

To sell your mobile home fast in Florida without any headaches, hassles, or hagglers you need to sell to a reputable home buying company. A company like us, that doesn't rely on agents or banks for approvals or inspections. Remember we will never insult you with a less than stellar offer.

Visit The How It Works Page

Find out how we formulate our cash and term offers. We show you a case study of a recent property we acquired the healthy way.

Learn About Our Company

Learn about who we are, what's dear to our hearts, and why we strive to acquire mobile homes and health all in the same breath. 

We will never waste your time. Fill in any of our forms and receive your offer. Easy, peasy, almond, squeezy! 

No Realtor Fees, Repairs, Closing Cost, Or Headaches

"I need to sell my mobile home in Florida fast, for cash, and without any stress. The stress of paying agent cost, closing cost, or even having to do repairs, without a guarantee of the house even selling, terrifies me. I just want to sell my mobile home in Florida and walk away with cash in hand or the best terms in the world."

~ Don't Worry The Almonds Have You Covered

We make it easy to sell your mobile home in Florida fast.

Furthermore, if you sell your, mobile home, house, apartment, or condo to us, we promise you won't have to pay any agent fees or expensive closing costs. You don't even have to clean! Now, when was the last time you heard those words?!

That's right, leave all of the cleaning to us, all of the repairs, all of the wallpaper and popcorn ceilings. To go a step further, as an extra bonus you will never have to pay any agent fees, commission fees, or realtor fees. No long waiting, no hagglers, no hassles, no stress! Guaranteed! 

Move forward to a closing day of your choice by skipping the entire listing process.

With us, you have the option to sell your mobile home fast because we know listing with an agent is not always an option. When it comes to the sale of your mobile home, our days are dedicated to helping you out of any burdens you're going through. That being said, if you're going through foreclosure, getting a divorce, sick and tired of being a landlord, behind on your taxes, need to move, mobile home vacant or occupied, even if it is uninhabitable, it does not matter! We can buy your mobile home no matter what.

We Buy Mobile Homes in Florida The Healthy Way

What kind of people would we be, if we didn't help you transition into your new place? Above all, when we partner together to buy your mobile home, our goal is to help you in more ways than one. If you need help finding another place to live, we're your gals, or should we say your "Almonds?"

Sell your house to us, we'll help you move.

Cash For Your FL Mobile Home and Fast.


We Buy Mobile Homes in all conditions. No matter the condition or how many repairs needed, you can sell your property to us. When we say any condition we'll buy the rough and the diamond.  *wink, wink*


We can buy your Florida mobile home fast no matter the situation. When we partner together, your situation becomes our situation. Your property selling pitfalls become our pitfalls. And when we sign on to acquire your house, we vow to climb out of them together! 

So, if you're in foreclosure, we're in foreclosure. If you have a lien, we have a lien. If you have a code violation, we have a code violation. We just know how to get us out of it, and we plan on doing just that, as a team. :)

Sell Your House in Any Condition. No Repairs Needed.
We Buy Houses As Is

We Buy Mobile Homes As-Is, isn't just some fancy slogan, when we say leave everything we mean it. Leave the roof alone, food on the stove, patches in the grass, disarray to the bay lol, whatever you want. When you sell your property to "Healthy Homebuyers" a company that buys mobile homes in Florida and Nationwide, we take the house and all of the problems that come with it.

The Best Way To Sell Your FL Mobile Home!

All you have to do is ask somebody you know, selling a mobile home has been one of people's worst experiences, but that doesn’t have to be your story. Somebody shout, “More, Almonds!” In addition, to our stress relief philosophy, we offer more money, more convenience, more stability, faster service, and an overall better experience!

  • Offer Within 30 Minutes - You will get an offer right after the physical or virtual walk through, and we’ll show you how we calculated your offer. 100% Transparency.
  • Our Services Are Free - We charge you for nothing. In reality, we pay you for more than the house. We always pay closing cost, and everything with us always FREE! 
  • No Need to Clean - Take what you want, we’ll deal with everything else.
  • Don’t lift a finger! No renovations needed - We’ll be able to offer you more money, if you don't try to do the work yourself by renovating.
  • No commissions, agents, Or problems! - We don’t work with agents to acquire your house and you don’t need one either. Which means no agent fees!
  • Already have an offer? We’re pretty sure we can beat it - Because of our low overhead and amazing term model, we’re pretty sure we can beat anybody’s offer.

The Best Way to Sell Your Mobile Home in FL Fast

We Buy Mobile Homes In Florida

Healthy Homebuyers LLC, is determined to purchasing your house the stress free way, the healthy way, and the lucrative way. We buy mobile homes all throughout Florida and the United States. It doesn’t matter what your plight may be. Whether you're going through foreclosure, bankruptcy, dealing with code violations, tax liens, or fed up being a landlord, we can help. If you need to sell your house in Florida fast, we offer cash for homes in FL!

Need to sell my mobile home? Healthy Homebuyers LLC is a company that purchases, rehabs, holds, and sells houses at a profit. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and repairs needed. We Buy Houses In Florida and throughout the United States, and will do everything possible to bring forth the highest possible offer, to give the seller the most benefit from dealing with a fast, secure, and stellar sale.


Healthy Homebuyers - We Buy Houses in Florida and Nationwide



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