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7 Ways To Sell Your Mobile Home Online

Sell My Mobile Home Online - 7 Ways To Sell Your Mobile Home Online

Sell My Mobile Home Online – Palms perspiring, fingers trembling, forehead sweating?! Does that sound like some of the things that transpired in your body, as you waited for the search to load?

Look, here at Healthy Homebuyers we understand why you might be nervous. Besides in the past, you haven’t heard the best stories when it comes to the sale of homes, let alone mobile homes online.

Fear aside! No really, we mean it! Fear aside because as we partner together, everything will begin to make sense. If you need to sell your mobile home online then our partnership, will be beneficial for the both of us.

So, we know you’re probably wondering, “Partnership?! I’m not entering into anything with you all!” Laughing out loud, we know, we know.

Our partnership goes a little something like this, you have questions, and we have answers.

We gain exponentially, when we’re able to help you answer a question that’s at the forefront of your brain, and we hope you gain by finding the answers you need.

That being said, if you need to sell your mobile home online these are 7 ways you can do so:

1. Sell Your Mobile Home Online To A We Buy Houses/Mobile Homes Company.

Question: “How do I sell my mobile home online, to a we buy houses company?”

Answer: Have you ever been driving and saw a sign that reads,

We Buy Houses


Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Nonetheless, they’re out there, their buying houses, and you guessed it, some are even buying mobile homes.

Some of them like us! Yes, your trusted Almonds, just so happens to be a, “We Buy Houses” and “We Buy Mobile Homes” Company.

The reason we want you to do a search online for these particular companies, is because a lot of them have an online presence just like us here at, Healthy Homebuyers.

For those with an online presence, you want to make sure you scan their website, to see first, who they are, and two, what they can do for you.

A lot of these companies are reputable entities, that will purchase your mobile home, fast, for cash, and as-is.

The reason this matters for you is because if you’re in need to sell your mobile home fast, these companies will be able to have cash in your hands, within 14 to 30 days, tops.

And when they say As-Is that means, you will be able to sell your mobile home just the way it is, for a stellar price.

We recommend you gather a list of 3 to 5 mobile homebuyer websites, and fill out their forms to receive a call back such as this one here, or call the phone number listed on their website.

Our suggestion is to gather 3 to 5, we buy mobile home companies because we want you to have options. Being that we are so confident in our ability to service you, we felt that there would be no need to withhold you from looking into other companies, that purchase mobile homes.

So, happy offer fishing to you! Give this tip a shot, and we promise you will not be left disappointed.

2. Clean Up Your Mobile Home A Bit.

Question: “Why do I need to clean up to sell my mobile home online?”

Answer: Cleaning up, eek! Tidying up isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to do in the world. We really wish it was, but unfortunately it can be a daunting task.

If you sell your house to a “We Buy Mobile Homes” company like ourselves, then we’d purchase the property as-is. Leaving you with money in hand, and free of the having to clean up headache.

But if you take any other route listed below, then cleaning up the inside and the outside of your mobile home will only help, and not hurt your chances of selling your mobile home online.

You’ve been online, and we’re sure you’ve noticed that, everything on the internet has to do appearance. People dress their cats in frilly outfits for crying out loud, lol!

As an f.y.i, we suggest, you don’t go overboard with the cleaning, just try your best to eliminate clutter, clean up debris, and make sure no yucky things are rearing their ugly heads from anywhere.

The thing is, we don’t want you to be stressed out trying to clean years of your own stuff.

In short, cleaning up your mobile home will only help you. So, that this next tip will be easy, peasy, almond, squeezy.

3. Take Pictures Of Your Mobile Home.

Question: “Why are pictures necessary to sell my mobile home online?”

Answer: As we mentioned above, you’ll need to clean up, and not just for cleaning ups sake, but it’ll only help you, not hurt you, especially because you have to take pictures.

People are visual, and they want to see what they’re about to purchase.

So, the pictures you take, can either make or break you, when it comes to the sale of your mobile home online. Now, before we list a few tips that will help you turn into a mobile home photographer, overnight, keep in mind that this tip is not about perfection.

We don’t want you to be obsessed, and in turn become fearful because you aren’t the next, Alex Prager. This tip will not require you to run out and purchase a Canon camera, fancy lighting, or a tripod. All you need is your mobile home and these three things:

  • Daylight
  • Camera Phone
  • Angles

You need daylight because natural sun rays make everything look better. If you open the window in your living room right now, a sense of euphoria will flood the room, we promise.

“Are taking pictures of my mobile home to sell it that important?”

When you get ready to take a picture to sell your mobile home, you want to make sure that it has beautiful natural light, to compliment it.

Even if the windows are not big, and you cannot get a lot of light in the space, go to your local hardware store and purchase light bulbs labeled, “daylight.”

You need a camera phone because a Nikon just won’t be necessary. Your phone paired with natural sunlight, will have anybody thinking you’re a professional mobile home photographer.

If your phone is a tad bit outdated, and doesn’t take the best pictures, or you do not have extra space on your phone for new ones, then borrow somebody’s phone momentarily.

This need is a fun one! Angles because being fluid with the angles of your pictures, will be of a great help to you.

Take some wide shots of the important areas, and some close ups. Some places to take pictures of are: living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, outside angles.

Now we’re on to the listing part.

4. List Your Mobile Home Online On Craigslist.

Question: “How to sell my mobile home online by way of craigslist?”

Answer: Now, now, now! Don’t write us off so quick! We know doesn’t always get the best rap, but we promise there is a way to sell your mobile home on their platform.

Firstly, you need to write a description for your mobile home on the site. It is super easy to write a description, and you can do it all in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. A few things you want to have in your description are:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Condition
  • Perks of the area

The Location of Your Mobile Home

Let’s start with location! First of all, where is the mobile home? People want to know where they might be living, or where their new investment property is going to be.

So, you want to make sure you put the proximity of the location in your listing. Do not put the exact address on craigslist. We would never put you in harms way, so please do not put your direct address in the listing.

“How Much Should I Sell My Mobile Home Online For?”

Now, let’s tackle the price point for your mobile home. This is the scary part for some people, but it won’t be for you. Just like people want to know where they’ll be living, they also want to know how much they’ll be paying.

So, what are you going to sell your mobile home for? Can you sell your mobile home for whatever you want? Will people pay an astronomical amount for your mobile home because it has sentimental value?

Here are the answers: You’re going to sell your mobile home for the amount that it is worth. How do you come up with the amount it is worth?

You look on websites like:,, and, to see what other mobile homes 0.5 miles away from yours, have sold for in the past 6 months, you assess the condition of your property against there’s, then you subtract the amount of repairs yours will need, and you list it for that amount.

Sounds, a little complicated? Can’t find past sales? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. Just fill out the form here, and we’ll get right back to you with the numbers. No strings attached.

To answer the other two questions, no you cannot sell your mobile home for whatever you want, and no, usually people will not pay extra because of the sentimental value.

The Condition of Your Mobile Home

Now to the juicy part! The condition of your mobile home doesn’t have to make you nervous. We’re not assuming your mobile home is in shambles, or that it’s a chateau, but even people with the most immaculate properties, get a little nervous about this part.

The reason for this is because none of us know: what people like, what they want, and definitely what they don’t want. All of that being said, please be as honest as you can with writing about the condition of your property.

If the AC needs to be replaced, if there’s a hole in the roof, if the toilet won’t flush, say that. Lastly, transparency when selling your mobile home is going to set you apart, in a world full of embellishers.

Perks Of The Area

Sheeesh, who doesn’t like perks?! We mean every company who does marketing well, focuses on incentivizing their customers, with stuff they know they’ll like.

Here is why that matters for you. If you lace your post with a few perks of the community, then that’ll for sure gather more potential buyers, interested in buying YOUR mobile home.

“What’s a perk of the area?” We’re glad you asked! A perk of the community where your mobile home is located could sound like this:

  • Located by ____ expressway.
  • Stellar school district located nearby.
  • Gated community.

And a slew of other amazing things. If all fails check out a few listings on, and model what realtors have put to describe the surrounding area.

Of course, we do not want you to plagiarize, just use them as inspiration to frame your own listing.

5. Sell Your Mobile Home Online On Facebook Marketplace.

Question: “Can I really sell my mobile home on Facebook marketplace?”

Answer: Yes! We thought it was all a sham too, until we actually did it! Selling on facebook’s marketplace is super easy, and actually works. So before we expound, we need you to keep in mind that this tip is to be a blessing, and not a burden.

That being said, Facebook marketplace works, when you do. Like with Craigslist, your description needs to be optimized with the information people care about.

Information like:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Condition
  • Perks of the area

Your pictures need to be optimized as well, and don’t forget, photographs with amazing angles and natural lighting will work amazingly.

Where Facebook marketplace will feel like a burden is, when you contemplate the fact that, your friends and family might see your listing. If this is something you’re fearful about rest assured, that you do not have to post your listing on your actual timeline.

One of our CEO’s here at Healthy Homebuyers, sold their 2001 Mercedes Benz E430 in 2020. It was beatdown, rusty, and the AC didn’t work, but when she didn’t want it anymore, and decided it was time to get rid of it she made an amazing, $900, but guess what?!

Nobody had to know, none of her friends caught wind that she was hoarding such an old, busted down car, and she made her money in peace.

Make Money Selling Your Mobile Home In Peace.

We share that story because you can make your money in peace as well. The posting you’re going to make to sell your mobile home online, will only show up in the actual marketplace if you want it to.

Also, if you do not have a Facebook profile but want to list it on a friends or family members, you have the liberty to do that as well.

You’re going to make much more than $900 when you sell your mobile home, and we’re excited for you! So happy marketplace posting!

6. Offer Up Your Mobile Home On The OfferUp App.

Question: “What do you mean offer up, sell my mobile home online on the offer up app?!”

Answer: We’re not crazy lol! We know offer up sounds like you’d have to offer up your mobile home for free, but we promise that isn’t the case.

If you post your mobile home on offer up, it will be in the eyesight of many. Besides the fact that 44 million people use offer up, you can post it in particular areas!

Offer Up is a perfect location to post something for sale because it shows what you’re selling to the people who need to see it the most.

Also, Offer Up is amazing because individuals interested in purchasing your mobile home, can message you directly, and you in turn can view their profiles.

Finally, let us share something amazing with you! Offer Up has no commission fees. So happy free posting to you!

By the way you can find the Offer Up App in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

7. Sell Your Mobile Home To Your Neighbors On The NextDoor App.

Question: “How can people really close to me, find out that I’m selling my mobile home online, on the Next Door App?”

Answer: Let’s start with one word, PROXIMITY! People who are close to where your mobile home is, need to know that it’s for sale!

With the Next Door application, people who live close by will catch wind that your amazing mobile home is on sale, and they can turn into the very people who will buy it.

When you go on the Next Door app, make sure you tailor it specifically for the atmosphere. On the Next Door app everybody is very communal. So make sure your posture in there doesn’t come off as sales pitchy.

Just jump in and say something to the effects of, “I have a mobile home for sale. I have to move out quickly, do any of you, know anybody who’s looking to buy one?”

If you want post a picture or two, and wait until all of the lovely people in there respond to you. Make sure to turn on your notifications.

By the way you can find the Next Door App in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

In conclusion, we know your mobile home is going to sell online with these 7 tips. If you put in the time to do at least one thing from this list, you’d be better off than 97% of the people who sit around and do nothing.

Happy Selling! 🙂 Remember, we want to see you win!

Want to sell your house to a company that keeps you covid free, stress free, and fee free?

Contact Healthy Homebuyers to learn more today!


By Noushka

Mother, MBA Recipient, and Homebuyer, Noushka Belizaire, strives to win at life, the healthy way. Her passion for helping others is what makes her special.

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