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7 Secrets For Selling Your House In Florida During The Pandemic

Are you one of those people who like to be in the know? A person who needs the inside scoop for just about everything? Well of course you are, and so are we! Knowing the plights of a wannabe insider we came with answers in tow, bringing you the secrets to selling your house in Florida during the pandemic!

Selling your house in Florida shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth! If that’s been your experience so far, we’re so very sorry! But we aren’t just sorry for sorries sake. We’re sorry because somebody should have shared these secrets with you a long time ago, but they didn’t, and that makes us both apologetic and angry all at the same time.

All of the mistakes out of the window, we’ve decided to let bygones, be bygones, and do what we do best!

Because here at Healthy Homebuyers our philosophy is simple, not only do we buy houses while keeping you: covid free, stress free, and fee free, but we also write amazing blog post with the information you need.

So here we go! Seven secrets that will help you with selling your house in Florida during the pandemic:

1. Title companies might take a little longer to process the close of your house.

Something taking longer, doesn’t sound like much fun, now does it? Before you hang your head low in disappointment, we can promise you, that selling your house in Florida is not going to be a disaster. See, here’s the thing, if you mentally prepare yourself for the hold up it’ll be a benefit for yourself and everybody involved.

Title companies are amazing, many times they are the glue between all parties involved. From their coordination between real estate agents and buyer, to how they seamlessly prepare all of the documents, in many instances they really do try their very best.

This secret is made the list to fortify your moral because simply put, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. The world has changed, businesses have changed, our lives have changed, and right now it may take a little bit longer for everything to recenter back to where they were.

Albeit, this not the case for every title company, some have fully adapted some haven’t. The one we tend to work with, has indeed adapted, and we’re happy that they’ve been able to service us in record time. Check them out here.

2. People might have to walkthrough your home

The dreaded walkthrough! It makes us cringe just thinking about it. Who wants a countless amount of people walking around their house during a cootie war? Definitely not us, but sometimes a walkthrough can’t be avoided.

Buying a piece of property isn’t like buying a pair of shoes off of the internet. You can’t just send a house back to the store if you don’t like it, and for that reason we cannot expect many buyers will purchase a house sight unseen.

This secret isn’t to frighten you, but to empower you. With Covid-19 being an actual reality you can mentally prepare yourself and physical prepare as well. You can make sure that everybody who enters your home is wearing a mask, doesn’t have a fever, and stays socially distanced the whole walkthrough.

If you aren’t the ones facilitating the walkthrough you can scout a competent person that will make sure they will respect your your wishes. Because at the end of the day if we don’t health, we have nothing.

3. You can pick who you sell your house too.

Shhhh, now only share this information with the people you know will benefit from it the most. You can actually sell your house in Florida to a person of your choice. Or should we say a company of your choice.

At the end of the day, this is your house we’re talking about! You don’t have to sign a contract with a real estate agent or pay their brokerage a fee. The choice is yours. All over the state of Florida, there are multiple home-buying companies ready to partner with you today, including but not limited to our company.

This secret is a game changer because you can scout out many “We Buy Houses” in Florida businesses. Scouting is important because you need to find out what kinds of protocols they have in place, to keep you safe in during this challenging time.

If a company is serious about protecting their sellers, then that is a business we believe you should partner with.

4. Virtual walkthroughs are an actual thing.

We’ve made it to the juicy part! Did you know that your can sell your house virtually? We’re jumping with joy with you! As we mentioned above, there are times when walkthroughs will be necessary, but the initially viewing of your property can easily be conducted virtually.

This secret is a game changer because the risk during this global pandemic are high. Why should people who aren’t really interested in purchasing your house walkthrough it? It just doesn’t seem wise to us.

If there has to be a walkthrough why not schedule it with somebody who you trust won’t put your health at risk? We know the importance of conducting business with people whom we trust, and that is why our particular website is filled with everything you need to know about who we are and what we do.

5. CDC compliant home buying companies exist.

Woohoo! We’re raising our hands in exclamation because we are indeed CDC compliant! Companies that care do exist, and if a business doesn’t have the proper protocols in place should you even work with them?

The reason this secret made the list is because health is wealth. We have no idea why you want to sell your house, how much you’re going to make from the transaction, or what your plans are to do afterwards, but your plans won’t be able to come into fruition if you’re not healthy.

Selling your house during a global pandemic requires a refined strategy. A strategy that is tailored specifically to keep you safe. Here are a list of things you should be on the lookout for when deciding who to sell your house to:

Ask yourself these questions, “Do they:”

  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Socially Distanced Meetings
  • Sanitizing Procedures
  • Mask and Shields

6. People are still buying houses.

Wipes sweat from forehead! Don’t you feel like you just dodged a bullet? We’re so happy to be a bearer of good news for you! Yes, people are still being houses. We have first hand knowledge about this secret because just like with everything else on this list we practice what we preach.

Our company is still currently buying houses. Regular people are buying houses. Hedge funds are buying houses. Just know if you’re selling a house in Florida somebody is buying. The pandemic has not slowed down the acquisition of property around the state of Florida.

It’s a secret because your mind might be telling you other wise, the news might be saying another thing but the truth is we’re in the business and we know that people still want property, and they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

7. Selling your house doesn’t have to be hard.

With all of the hard things going on in the world, selling your house doesn’t have to be one of them. We understand what the world looks and feels like at this time in history, but one thing we can say is the easiest thing to do at this time is sell your home.

If the correct protocols, partnerships, and persons come into contact selling your house in Florida is going to be one the easiest things you do. This is one of the most tumultuous seasons in our nations history, but selling your house can be a silver lining for such a time as this.

In conclusion, we sure hope you were able learn something new from this blog post. If selling your house in Florida during the pandemic is something you have to do, with these 7 secrets you’ll feel confident to take out the task head first.

We wish you and your family health, hope, and happiness. See you later! 🙂

Want to sell your house to a company that keeps you covid free, stress free, and fee free?

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By Noushka

Mother, MBA Recipient, and Homebuyer, Noushka Belizaire, strives to win at life, the healthy way. Her passion for helping others is what makes her special.

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